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SSI Worldwide Logistic With Global Network

Globally connected, Locally invested

Small Businesses & Logistics 

Logistics is a big part of the world that small businesses often overlook. However, it is essential for these businesses to be able to keep up with the speed of the market and stay competitive.

About US

SSI Freight & Logistics is a full-service logistics provider, headquartered in Atlantic Canada. We can handle all your Import and Export freight needs whether your shipments are air, ground, or ocean. We have established an extensive worldwide network of agents who share our passion for customer satisfaction. It is through this network of exceptional partners that we provide our customers with the highest level of service from departure to arrival.


SSI Freight & Logistics is located next to one of the largest shipping ports in North America; the Port of Halifax, the world’s largest shipping lines call on the Port of Halifax, connecting the port to more than 150 countries. This allowed us as SSI Freight & Logistics to expand by shipping and receiving overseas.

Contact us now to get quote for all your Local & global shipping and cargo need.

Our Services

Our Services









The use of air freight can create competitive advantages. For example, producers will agree to shorter order times if shipments possibly experiencing delays in production or cargo clearance can be shipped by air...


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Air Fright











Ocean Freight plays perhaps the most vital role in most transportation and supply chain solutions,Therefore, if you do not have an urgent shipment, sea freight service will be more financially viable compared to air freight services...

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Ocean Freight 








Road freight flexibility is a major characteristic to attracts most people to choose the method as their best in transporting their goods and products. Goods and products are delivered at points of convenience...

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Road Freight

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Warehousing facilities play a vital role in the overall supply chain process and to achieving success.

Warehousing is a requirement for most businesses that manufacture, import, export or transport goods. You might see it as an unnecessary expense, but it can actually save you money and boost your productivity...


Customs clearance specialists ensure your shipments cross borders and make it to their intended destination securely. They have the right stuff to encourage the whole customs clearance process, irrespective of port of entry...

No matter the size of your shipment, SSI is committed to getting it where it needs to go. With SSI , we handle your parcel delivery like any other major freight shipment thoroughly and professionally. 

We can be used either as an agent of any carrier serving the destination you are shipping or by utilizing us as a carrier to avail the discounts available through.

SSI Logistics charters either whole aircraft or arranges part-charters

If you need to move freight anywhere in the world, we will find the most suitable cargo charter aircraft to fit your requirements.

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